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Importing Points... Zoom error (removing files so it will post)

Discussion created by Matthew Magnifico on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by Josh Brady

So... I modified a couple of existing macros I found to import points from a txt document. Works great.... UNLESS you are not zoomed in enough, and then solid works throws away points that are close. So if I started with say 300 points make 2 circles and an arc... Solid works will assume some are the same and put like 4 points per circle and 3 for the arc... WEIRD RIGHT.


How do I get around this??? I can't figure out how to implement a zoom function to consistently make sure EVERY point comes in regardless of feature size. Not the best coder... good at manipulating code not creating. I don't know VB well enough.


Code is good if you need to use it for a similar application. Just know the zoom problem and scroll wheel in on the origin if you aren't getting all the points.