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How to Expedite System Maintenance in SWX Rx?

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Jan 17, 2020

I often run SWX Rx to run the System Maintenance, primarily to clean out the temp directory and the temporary internet files.  I am hoping some good soul here can tell me the sub-executable so I can run it directly.  So many things about SWX are about reducing the mouse clicks and it would be nice to reduce the clicks to run this by just executing it directly.


My current process involves clicking on the taskbar icon:

 This is 1.

Then I get the Windows User Account control window, to which I click Yes. (2)

This reveals the SOLIDWORKS Rx main menu:

Clicking on System Maintenance (3) brings up this screen:

Where I click on Start Maintenance (4), which brings up this extra screen:

where I click on OK to finally run the maintenance routine.  I also have to click on OK when it is done (5) to close the window, which is just fine, but I also have to click to close previous screen (6), which seems like something we can get around.


Ultimately, I would like to just click an icon/shortcut that would run this last extra screen without having to go through the several steps that precede it.  Can somebody help me figure out the direct executable to run?


Thanks in advance!