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How to replace a component in assy with copy tree

Question asked by Sandy Scott on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by Francisco Guzman



Is there 1-step a way to use Copy Tree (or another function) to replace parts in an assembly with a new copy*, without making a new copy of the assembly. Bonus points awarded if it can be done with the assembly open & checked out.


(*including generating a new part number that's inserted into the file name and data card)


I know how to do this in multiple steps

  1. Check in Assembly
  2. Use Copy Tree to generate the new parts, only ticking the parts you need copies of.
  3. Check out the assembly.
  4. Use Replace Component on each original component to swap it out for the new copy.


This can be somewhat tedious, especially when doing it to multiple parts, so the path of least resistance for our uses may be to copy everything when using Copy Tree the first time. I'd like to discourage that, as we already have a big enough problem with unnecessary copies of various parts.


We're currently on 2017, but planning an upgrade, so I'd be interested if any newer version can help.


Apologies for this slightly speculative question!