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Shortcut Bars always resizing

Question asked by Mark Bradford on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by Dave Laban

I find that since the installation of 2019 SP5, my Shortcut Bars are constantly resizing.


I start from a fresh reboot.

Open Solidworks

Go to Customize

Set the Bars to the shape I would like them to be.

Click "Ok" to confirm my changes

Activate the Shortcut Bars to confirm they have accepted the changes.

Close Solidworks

Reboot Computer

Open Solidworks

Shortcut bars May, or May not be correct now ... but rest assured ... they don't stay correct for long.

After several uses ... completely back to all icons in a long vertical row.


I have also verified that my Toolbars are set to Locked.


Here is what is I would like to have



Here is what happens.  This happens on all 4 Shortcut Bars.

The problem is, often when I press "S" to bring up the menu, the command I need it off the bottom of the screen.

So I have to hit Escape ... and move my mouse near the top of the screen and hit "S" again, so that the button is on the screen in order to use it.



Any Ideas?

By The Way .... 


I have already contacted my VAR.   They suggested doing a clean uninstall

So I did a complete uninstall, and registry clean, and reinstall.

I still have the same issue.  and confirm that 3 other computers have the same issue, while others do not.