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Order to export dimensions and notes to a template

Question asked by Diorella Angulo on Jan 16, 2020



I'm using SolidWorks Inspection 2019 SP3 and having troubles to get the dimensions and notes exported in the way I want in my template.

This was not happening to me when I used SolidWorks Inspection 2018.


This is the original way SolidWorks Inspection puts the dimensions and the notes.

If I export them to my template. It places the dimensions and notes in its way, which that's fine.


Then, if I order them in a different way such as the image below, and export them to Excel (my template) it still keeps the original order. It did not happen with SolidWorks Inspection 2018.


I tried to play around the options in the Characteristic Info and change some of them, but got the same result.


Any suggestions?