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Can a part/assembly file cause issues for incomplete step file model?

Question asked by Alex Yang on Jan 17, 2020

SolidWorks 2019 SP3


Currently having an issue with saving an assembly as a STEP file and opening the STEP file.  Step file is missing components that is there in the assembly file.  None of the components in the assembly file is suppressed.  It only happens on this specific part (MET-0027-02...).  I made other assemblies using different part files and they save just fine as a STEP file and opens with all components included, so that excludes any export settings in my opinion.


Image below is my assembly, so a total of 5 components.  Notice the PEM hardware (SS-032-2ZI...) on the right.


Now, when I save the assembly as a STEP and open the STEP file.  This is what is shown.

Only (1) solid bodies is present, and all of my mated components is not there.


Again, this ONLY happens on this specific part file (MET-0027-01...) .  As long I use this part in the assembly, all mated component seems to be excluded from the STEP file.


Any help or suggestion is appreciated!  Thanks.