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Parasolid Import Suffix Number

Discussion created by Clayton Krause on Jan 16, 2020
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When importing a Parasolid via LoadFile4 (or even just through the GUI), Solidworks adds a suffix to the assembly parts such as "-1", "-2", "-3", etc... Is there a way to return the original, unmodified part name without the numbered suffix via Solidworks API (C# Standalone specifically)?


For example, if I have a part that originally was named "502-513_3D" in a native Solidworks assembly, save out the assembly as a X_T Parasolid and then import the X_T, the part name turns to "502-513_3D-1". I'm looking for a way to return the original name of "502-513_3D".

When opening the X_T in a text editor, I can find the original names of the parts, so the information of the original name is there when importing, but is it accessible and how?


Thank you for any help. I haven't been able to find a solution referencing the documentation so far and am a bit stuck. Do not want to simply take off the suffix via C#, but explicitly return the original name to make absolutely sure I'm getting the correct information.