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Connectors think they are in a PCB

Question asked by Lynne Toland on Jan 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Lynne Toland

This is in Solidworks Electrical 2d.

I have three PCBs in a drawing in the same "location". Lets say PCB1 and PCB2 both have 20 connectors associated with them. The connectors are clearly subordinate to the PCBs.

When I try to add connectors to PCB3 it forces the J number to start at 21 (instead of 1)

PCB3 IS NOT nested within PCB1 or PCB2. It does not have the same part number.

I have deleted it completely, redone it and same issue.

Any new PCB I add refuses to start numbering at !, and jumps directly to 21.

I did not work on the drawing previously so I can't provide any history.

We tried closing, shutting the software down, reopening. No change

Anyone have any ideas?