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Help! Exporting DXF from Solidworks Drawing

Discussion created by Dylan Sinclair on Jan 16, 2020
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Hi all, in need of some urgent help here as im going out of my mind!


I have tried every setting imaginable but still having now luck.

Basically I have created a 3 sheet drawing in Solidworks and go to 'save as' DXF,

however when this is saved, I open the DXF and it looks like below... all 3 sheets are different to (Sometimes sheet 1 is the only sheet with any issues...

Solidworks Drawing to be exported

Above is how the drawing looks that I have been working on

Above shows the saved DXF when opened


Any help is much appreciated as Im running out of time for this job and cant figure the problem out!

Thank you,






I tried to export this drawing file via #TASK and it worked.. So i assume there is some issue with my export settings but I still cant figure out which ones