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How to change tables in excel cost report template

Question asked by Alexandra Anderson on Jan 16, 2020



I am looking to customize our assembly level cost report and using the excel template, having post process equations in there for our material and labor inflation rates (unable to do this in the SW Costing Template). Does anyone know where the tables <assembly_TopTenTbl/> and <assembly_CalculatedPartsCostTbl/> can be edited or accessed?


Solidworks provides "Material Cost" and "Manufacturing Cost" separately in the TopTenTbl but not in the CalculatedPartsCostTbl--they only provide Part Cost (sum of material and manufacturing).


In order to apply separate inflation rates to material and manufacturing post-report processing, I need the separate values, but we have assemblies with far more than 10 parts. Does anyone know how to change these output tables (and why would SW not provide this data as default for all parts in the report!)?

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