Axel Dahmen

How can I search within Toolbox

Discussion created by Axel Dahmen on Jan 16, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2020 by Brian Graves

I noticed that the assembly toolbox doesn't provide enough space for the individual parts' descriptions:

Currently, I can't find anything in the toolbox because the important, distinctive parts of the description (e.g. a part's ISO number) are hidden in the invisible remainder of the description text. The full text only appears when the user hovers with the mouse pointer above such truncated text, which is ludicrous for a catalog containing thousands of parts.


Apparently, the items' descriptive text only comes with a single line break instead of as many line-breaks as are required to display the full item description.


I couldn't find a search icon in the upper toolbar, too.


So, I wonder if there's a search feature available for the toolbox, providing an input text box to enter particles of an item's description, so only items matching the search term will be shown/listed?