Vaidotas Juozapavicius


Discussion created by Vaidotas Juozapavicius on Jan 16, 2020

I would like to copy pdf files from epdm vault to the location outside epdm vault using ROBOCOPY command. Files could be copied including folder structure or to a single folder (better for me).

ROBOCOPY command I am trying to use looks like this - 


@echo off
set source="epdm vault path"
set destination="destination path"

for %%F in (%destination%) do set destination="%%~fF"
for /r %source% %%F in (.) do if "%%~fF" neq %destination% ROBOCOPY "%%F" %destination% *.pdf /COPY:DATSO


It works perfectly when source is not epdm vault.

Could you please help to edit the command that files could also be copied from epdm vault.