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Plane is dropping/losing its defining sketch reference when the sketch entity moves

Question asked by James Harvey on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by Frederick Law

Good day SW people,

I am working on a template for a sheet metal enclosure assembly. The assembly consists of 15 fabricated parts (hardware etc. is not relevant to my question here). The major relevant geometries of all 15 parts is contained in the first part. I am running into a problem with planes losing reference to their defining sketch entities. This happens when I edit the OA depth of the enclosure by changing a controlling sketch dimension.


After experimenting a bit I have found that the planes will repair/correct themselves by simply editing the offending plane. By this I mean [edit plane >do nothing >click ok]. Presto! The planes move to their new locations! All 4 of the offending planes are defined by the Front Plane (parallel) and a construction line (coincident) within its respective sketch. I have experimented with using sketch points instead of lines for reference, same results. Also, rebuilding has no effect, CTRL+B and CTRL+Q.


In the image of the control part below, the uncooperative planes and their defining sketches are selected in the tree. I also added the red & green color to the sketches to help with visibility.


Does somebody have a solution for keeping the sketch references connected? Or perhaps a better idea for defining the planes relative to the sketch geometry?

Here is a couple full assy images, minus the purchased hardware.