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My Custom Tubing Elbow Disappears after I select "Add Fitting"

Question asked by Matt M. on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Peter De Vlieger

Firstly, maybe someone can tell me - why are there not any Compression Tube Fitting elbows in the default routing library. For example a 90degree Parker Ferulok compression tube fitting. They have T's but no tubing elbows??


As a result I went ahead and created an "piping elbow" in the fitting wizard using the STEP of the Ferulok I downloaded. (why is there no elbow option in tubing wizard, why do i have to basically trick SW into thinking I'm going to use this in a pipe when I'm actually using it in a tubing route)


After hours of troubleshooting it finally appears in the "Components" folder of my Tube assembly. Unfortunately right after I select "Add Fitting" and place the elbow at the junction, it stays there for a second then disappears and is replaced with a sketch fillet. 

If someone is familiar with adding compression tube elbow fittings to Routing please take a look at my fitting and my Tubing Assembly and let me know if they see a problem.


Also I received this weird error message seemingly related to file permissions?