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SolidWorks Draft Analysis: the "Calculate" button and how to get rid of it?

Question asked by Test Test on Jan 15, 2020



The issue is, that on my computer the draft analysis does not work dynamicly. After selecting the reference plane, I need to manually click "Calculate" button, that in nomrl circumstances should not exist. Than each time when I do want to change the reference plane, I need to click the button again ro recalculate new draft analysis. And the colors from the analysis does not stay after I confirm the Draft Analysis - they dissappear.


I found this topic: And the explenation that the GPU is the problem does fit to my obserwation. Yet in my case, even if I do not have dedicated graphic card, I can not agree, that it is too weak. I do have GeForce GTX 1060, so th problem is not lack of power, but some bad settings. Especially, that I did have the same SW version installed before on the same PC, and the issue occurs after I reinstall SW.

Perhaps an dll library that is not registered (already needed to register two dll's in order to enable thumbnails preview according to this instructions:, or some registry entry, or just graphic card setting - yet I tried many different options and can not make it work.


I do work on Windows 7 x64, with SolidWorks 2011 SP1. Yeah, I know that the soft is very much out of date, but I can not afford to update it. And I do know, that it should work. Just can not figure out how.