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Best practice for cutting a wooden plate

Question asked by Dan D. on Jan 14, 2020
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I plan to build several cabinets using 240x120x2cm wooden plates.

The cabinet will be made from several rectangle plates (like most normal cabinets…)

I would like use the 240x120 plate as efficiently as possible.

For simplicity let’s assume use a box, with 4 plates for the sides and 1 bot the bottom.  

2 sides 60x40

2 sides 56x40 (removing the 2cm plate thickness on each side)

1 base 60x60


I was thinking of creating the box is SW from those 5 parts and afterwards places those 5 parts of a 240x120 bounding box with 5mm gap (for the saw). This will allow me to produce an effacing cutting scheme.

I would demand that I save each plate externally, in this case I will use 1 part with multiple configurations.


What I would like to know if this is the ‘right’ or easiest way, or, is there a better way.

Again, my final goal in this is to present an efficient cutting scheme for the 2540x120 plate.