Mark Bradford

Is there a way in a macro to see if a sketch contains references?

Discussion created by Mark Bradford on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by Mark Bradford

We have an addin that we use daily that will copy a solid body, along with named sketches, and insert that into a blank part, and then Iges that file out.   The goal being to eliminate any unnecessary construction sketches from the file so that the files that our CNC department is getting isn't overly cluttered, and contains only the pertinent information.


What I am wondering is, Could it be possible to instead, find any sketches that are being used in features, and include them in the iges file, so that those sketches don't need to be renamed?


This way, the needed items are being exported, even when someone might have neglected to rename a certain sketch.


Or if anyone has any other solution to offer, I would be happy to listen.