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Position a Note based on it's lower left corner?

Question asked by Noah Sato on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by Noah Sato

I have a macro that generates a note (swNote As Note) of variable length and line count (based on the format used where I work before I got here, can't change that). I need to place the note in the bottom left corner of the drawing. Notes are placed using the upper left bounding point.

The GetTextPoint function returns the position of the upper left corner. 

There's a GetUpperRight function which doesn't help


When I use the GetLineCount function it always returns 0 for some reason.

Using GetTextCount is inconsistent and sometimes doesn't count certain lines (including empty lines)


Does anyone know of a method to find the Bottom Left corner of a note object? Or just find the height of the bounding box?


This is an example of the kind of note I need to position based on it's lower left corner. There's an empty line above 3 in order to fit the symbol.