Lars Digerud

Run education Solidworks and enterprice solidworks on the same computer?

Discussion created by Lars Digerud on Jan 14, 2020
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I am a part time student and a part time mechanical engineer, where I use the Solidworks education version at my study computer and then the companys Solidworks at work. But I would like to set up the work solidworks at my study computer as there are times when I need to work from home. At school we use the 2019 version and at work 2020. There are also different packages as well, which means Ive access to different tools between those "two Solidworks". 


What problems can I face? Because Ive understood that mixing the study version and the enterprise Solidworks is not a good way. So how do I separate this the right way?


I was thinking about making two separate windows accounts with no access to each other programs, but thats seems to be not possible from what Ive tried.