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Flow simulation max temperature

Discussion created by Joon Kim on Jan 13, 2020
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I've set up a flow simulation of a cooling block (with water running through) of a system to export fluid convection to simulation for heat analysis.

Everything works and seems about right; the fluid temperature rises as it picks up heat from heat transfer.

One thing I'm having trouble understanding is the "maximum temperature" plot. Only space where fluid is traveling is shown below. Solid has been hidden for proprietary purpose.


I'm not sure where 145C is coming from. The Max and Min points are shown but no where is it supposed to be 145C.

Can anyone tell me why the flow simulation is giving me such high max fluid temp? The only space/place where fluid is running is shown in this flow trajectory. While min fluid temp as shown on top right is 10C as it should based on the fluid input and the output-supposedly the hottest-should be about 85C looking at the exit per trajectory color..