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The missing 5% functionality: SCROLL SELECTED ITEM INTO VIEW

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Jan 12, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2020 by Richard Wagenaar

Update: Fixed in SOLIDWORKS 2021!!!


UPDATE: Please vote on SPR# 1173747: "Block (or improve behavior) of auto-scroll in feature tree when using box / area / lasso select in Large Design Review mode, when the option 'Scroll selected item into view' is enabled". Thank you, Nick Birkett-Smith!!!


UPDATE: The problem persists in 2021 if you try to ISOLATE the selected components. Will open a new SR. 


This is another post from the "Missing 5% functionality that makes users avoid this tool" novella.


Inefficient Codding: "Scroll Selected Item into View" = Productivity Destroyer for Large Assembly Users


One of the most useful settings when working with assemblies is Scroll Selected Item into View.


It is also the biggest factor of slow-down when selecting multiple components in a large assembly. Even in Large Design Review mode, the user productivity is destroyed if this setting is on.


Try this:


1. Open a large assembly (to save time, open it in LDR mode)

2. Make sure "Scroll selected item into view" is checked

3. Box-Select multiple components


You will see the FeatureManager scrolling up and down like crazy for tens of seconds or even minutes. Looks like the programmer thought that you want to see all the selected components brought into view, which is an idiotic assumption.


This is a regression that appeared 4 or 5 releases back, that destroys user productivity.

The solution is very simple, and probably can be implemented in a service pack:


Solution 1:

If Scroll selected item into View is checked and multiple components are selected, do not do any scrolling!


Solution 2:

If Scroll selected item into View is checked and multiple components are selected, bring into view only the first or the last component of the selection set.


Nick Birkett-Smith Bret Hekking