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Windows reboot error when installing Solidworks 2019

Question asked by Tim Wakefield on Jan 11, 2020



I am a second year Product Design student and I use Solidworks for modelling. I have a student code for Solidworks from my university however I am having issues downloading.


When I originally installed Solidworks onto my laptop it gave me the "windows reboot is pending from previous installation" message, I decided to ignore it thinking it would be fine however whenever I go to use Solidworks the tree on the left sometimes doesn't appear until I hover over it but when I do that it makes the top bar disappear instead and unfortunately this makes Solidworks almost impossible for me to use. I assume this issue is because of the windows reboot error I ignored when i downloaded. I have attempted uninstalling and re-installing both with and without restarting my laptop before installing and I still get the windows reboot message every time, and when the installation is done and I open up solidworks I still have the same issue with the tree and taskbar not showing. 


If anyone has any idea of how to resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated. My laptop is windows 10 (up to date as far as I am aware, I don't know too much about computers), my laptop is also a gaming laptop so it has the specs to run Solidworks without a problem.


Thanks Tim