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Cut assembly part with a surface part?

Question asked by Tim Le on Apr 30, 2009
Latest reply on May 11, 2009 by Jon Balduf
Problem: I'm modeling a centrifugal fan housing that goes on a helicopter. The outlet of the housing pokes through the aircraft skin. I have to match the fan outlet exactly to this skin. The customer has provided an assembly where the fan mates to and the matching aircraft skin (which is a surface part).

My plan was to model the fan housing so that it extends beyond the aircraft skin, mate it to the assembly so that it is positioned correctly and then cut it with the aircraft skin surface. Is this possible?

I know it is possible to do a surface cut within a part, but is it possible to do an "in-context" surface cut using an existing surface part within the assembly?

If this is not possible, the alternative is to somehow insert the skin surface part into the fan housing part and do a normal surface cut. But the challenge here is how do you locate the two in the exact same same position as they were in the assembly?