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Horizontally Vibrating Sieve

Question asked by Hesham Alsurmi on Jan 11, 2020

Hello everyone,


I would appreciate it if someone could help me setup a vibration analysis using Solid works simulation tools. I am new to this kind of analysis and I have the following questions:


1- I want to simulate the effects of a horizontally vibrating stage using 4 springs (2 on each side of the stage). The purpose of my analysis is to simulate a mechanical sieve to observe its displacements relative to the applied frequency of the vibration.

2- I need to define springs with a pre-load (in tension). In other words, the springs should be fixed between from both sides of the connection with a predefined load/tension. I need to know how to perform this step.

3- Secondly the sieve needs to be vibrate relative to the supporting stage with a constant frequency of 200 Hz. I also need to know how to do perform this step.

4- Also any recommendations regarding the fixtures will be appreciated, but not necessary as I have an okay knowledge with applying boundary conditions.

5- Please check out the following setup sketch and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you