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Why do my drawing dimensions keep moving?

Question asked by Scott Friday on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by Mike Young

So we recently upgraded from SW 2015 to SW 2020. One of the things I was REALLY hoping would be fixed is drawing dimensions that don't stay where I put them on the drawing. On almost every drawing I do, there will be some dimensions that will NOT stay where I try to place them. I will drop them where I want them, click somewhere else, and then they will move, usually right on top of the drawing objects. I drag them back over where I want them, and they move again! I don't use any kind of auto dimension features. The drawings aren't super complicated and it is just easier, at least when the dimensions stay put, to do it manually. Is there some option I might be missing that needs to be set or cleared that is causing this? It is incredibly frustrating and wastes a LOT of my time!