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How To Automate Solidworks (macros/Solidworks Task Scheduler for sheet metal)

Discussion created by Matthew McCartin on Jan 9, 2020
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Solidworks 2018: i have been working to automate some things at my work through Macros/equations/and Solidworks Task Scheduler. First things first I found Task Scheduler pretty recently and have very very little experience with macros. So I've been automating our formats to:

  • use macro in assembly to save just the flatten dxf without bend lines (open assembly, launch macro, macro saves dxfs into folder same as assembly)
  • added a bounding box to our part template and tied it to our Drawing template so regardless of bend or flatten state the drawing reads its the sheet mental part as if it is still flatten and gives you % and area IN^2 used of our stock (7200 IN^2)
  • added linked properties to our DWG formats so when you place an item on a drawing all fields auto fill 
  • created tutorial on how to batch print all drawings in an assembly via Solidworks Task Scheduler


why have I made this Post? if any of you want to automate your Solidworks and add to the list of automated Solidworks functions that would be great! if i don't go in depth on something you need help with feel free to message me and ask.


macro for PDF's and DXF had code to export an excel sheet that had part no, material, thickness (mm), and qty but i did not need this so i removed it


thank you to those who had free editable macros that i have been browsing and studying


and the king of macros himself

Deepak Gupta