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Render Performance Slower in Hybrid Mode

Question asked by Domenic Tutela on Jan 8, 2020



I'm fairly new to 3D rendering an Visualize software. I've recently upgraded to a new workstation to create 3D renders and was testing rendering performance using the car project that comes with the program. I noticed that performance was slower when I unchecked CPU and rendered only using the graphics card. I did a test below to compare render speeds.



I tested render performance at 2000 x 1125 and 96 DPI on Fast mode with 3000 passes.

  • With CPU and GPU checked the initial time to render was estimated at 19 minutes.
  • With CPU disabled and only rendering using the GPU, the time to render decreased to 15 minutes.


Is there something wrong with my settings or do you see any issue with render performance based on my computers specs? I saw this post showing that he was able to render the same thing in 25 seconds on hybrid mode with a slower processor and GPU: Faster Image Rendering in SOLIDWORKS Visualize - Courtesy of Your GPU - Computer Aided Technology vs. 5+ minutes when I tried the same at 1024x576 at 3000 passes (I'm not sure how many were done in the posting).#


Here's my computer specs:

  • i9-9880H
  • Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000



GPU load during rendering when CPU is unchecked in viewport:



GPU & CPU load during rendering when CPU is checked in viewport (hybrid I suppose?):