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Why you should consider On-line licensing

Discussion created by Scott Perman on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by Frederick Law

Based on some comments in another thread, I thought I would share how well Online licensing works.  (Yes, I'm praising Solidworks.  )


When I left for work this evening, I intentionally left solidworks open.  When I got to home and started solidworks, I was shown the following message:



When I get to work tomorrow morning, I will see this message:  


It has never failed to prompt me to save files, or had a problem saving said files.  


There were several times in 2018 when the license server went down, and once or twice in 2019, but it has been pretty reliable lately.  I guess that is the only negative I've come across.  You are at DSS' mercy regarding licensing.  (I seem to remember being told by my VAR that if you are in solidworks, you can convert it to a local license.  But if you can't start the software, you can't convert it.  Maybe my faulty memory made that up.  It's not very reliable these days. )