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Stand alone PDM test setup for validation PRIOR to production upgrade

Question asked by james demarco on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by james demarco

I thought this should be fairly easy, but based on some short research, contacting VAR, and google search it appears perhaps not? Production is running 2018, and I wanted to setup a stand alone PC to run 2020, SW, PDM, and then add sample files along with workflows, etc. to allow us to validate there will not be issues when we do the production upgrade to 2020.  I know this is done all of the time by VAR's and SW - since every time we have any type of issue they ask for archive files, a SQL backup and cex files so they can replicate our system.  I simply want to do the same here on a single PC so we can test first, validate it works, address any issues, and then plan our full system upgrade to 2020.

Has anyone done this?