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Display chain length (belt length) in feet as quantity on BOM

Question asked by Josh Cressman on Jan 7, 2020

I'm trying to display the length of a chain in feet on the BOM. The chain was created using the Belt feature in an assembly so it automatically has the custom property Belt Length. However, the units are in inches and we'd like them to be in feet. Maybe there's an easier way to convert units, but I created a Global Variable, ChainLength, to convert to feet. I then referenced ChainLength in a new custom property, CUT SIZE, and set that new property as the BOM quantity field in the properties window. You can see below that CUT SIZE correctly displays 5.68 under the Evaluated Value column. However, it just displays a 1 on the BOM. If I change ChainLength to a static value, then that value shows on the BOM. Therefore, it seems like Solidworks doesn't like that I'm referencing the Belt Length custom property in the Global Variable. Does anyone know why this happens and, or how to fix it, or get the length to show up in feet on the BOM?