Joshua Hutton

Thread Engagement Macro

Discussion created by Joshua Hutton on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by Mark Bradford

I am looking to create or customize a macro, that will go thru all of the fasteners in a given assembly and calculate the thread engagement, ensure that the right fastener is used in the right hole wizard hole and ensure that the fastener is not bottoming out in the tapped hole. This macro would be used as a design check function automating the manual thread engagement calculation on each fastener in which there are many in our assemblies. We do not use toolbox, so none of that functionality can be used. Is there something like this already out there that I could leverage? If not, then are there any suggestions on how to go about finding all of the fasteners in the subassembly, finding the hole properties of the hole the fastener is located in, finding the amount of fastener engagement into that hole? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.