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Splitting a Page into several

Question asked by Robin Spickers on Jan 7, 2020

Hi Guys,


We don't have an electrical background and very less experience with the use of SOLID WORKS Electrical.


As part of a university project we have to create a schematic for an existing cabling of a 3D-Print-Machine. 

In a first step we traced the cables and listed the different components, afterwards we drawed everything as a one pager in Solid Works. At this point we received two main problems:



We used the add-in for automatic connection of the cables, unfortunately we can't change the name of the cables by our own. When two cables in a same area are connected two other cables in a different corner on the page we receive the same label. Can we customize that in an EASY WAY?



We have to split our schematic into several pages. If we try to do this with COPY/PASTE, we loose our connection. If so, we have to connect every cable again. Is there a possibility to split the page into severals without loosing the connections?


Thanks for your help!


Best Regards