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Sweep/loft depending on material

Question asked by Malin Lenngren on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by Malin Lenngren

I'm trying to loft/sweep an aluminum profile along a timber face. I have been trying a few different ways;

- loft with a sketch of the profile at either end and two guide curves,

- Sweep along a curve and one guide curve with the twist set to "Follow path and first guide curve",

- Sweep along a curve and one guide curve, and with the twist set to "minimum twist".


Of course the different methods gives different results. 

What I want to achieve is a profile looking as close to reality as possible, but how do I know what that is? Is there a way to add material properties to have the profile sweep/loft accordingly? 


Or, is the option to do the sweep/loft, and then do some kind of evaluation/simulation in order to see what the stress/ strain is?


Thank you!