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The missing 5% functionality: PROPERTY TAB

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2020 by Alin Vargatu

Update: Please vote on this Top 10 Idea:

Make Property Tabs - File Type Agnostic


This is another post from the "Missing 5% functionality that makes users avoid this tool" novella.


This is a great example of SOLIDWORKS getting inspired by an existing application, virtually copying most of it and making it available to all users.


More information about this tool can be found here: 


Overall the developers did a great job. Reasons why we like it so much:


  1. Great UI for setting it up.
  2. The ability to have read-only values, so users can "probe" the components, but cannot modify the values.
  3. This is huge: the ability to modify custom properties values in bulk, on all components selected, directly from the top-level assembly!!!
  4. The ability to have the software make decisions with lists, radio-buttons, check boxes.
  5. The ability to link external data files to the tab
  6. The ability to control dimensions directly from the tab (huge for many users who want a certain degree of automation).


What else do you like about the Property Tab?


Let's focus now on the missing 5%:

1. There are 4 different type of property tabs:

  • part
  • assembly
  • weldment
  • drawings

There should be only one, that should work for all document types. Easy to manage and much easier to use.

For example, in this case, in a top-level assembly a Select all components would be followed by applying a property value to all of them, regardless if they are sub-assemblies or parts.


2. If different components have already assigned different tabs, they cannot be selected together and processed by the property tab. This is idiotic! 

The ideal behavior is pre-selecting components, picking a certain tab template and applying it to all, as needed.

For example if I have a property tab that controls only 3 properties, I should be able to select all components of the assembly, pick that tab and modify all those properties in bulk in 20 seconds.

That is currently impossible.

Please vote on: 

SPR 458546: "Selected documents refer to different templates. When selecting multiple documents, each one needs to refer to the same template file" when selecting multiple component combinations that were not originally chosen to apply the custom properties.


SPR 836530: Provide ability to change a property of multiple components at once, even if they use different custom property templates, but share a common property


3. Fix the material link to property in property tab. Is still not working!


4. This is mostly for Bret Hekking. If your team would add a Cut List filter in the F5 filter box, it would unlock the functionality for Weldment Property Tabs. Imagine how easy would be to add, modify and manage cut list properties, directly from the graphics area. Example:

  • Turn the cut-list filter on
  • Click on several faces belonging to various bodies
  • Get the Property Tab to show the cut list properties associated to the items that have faces selected
  • Edit the properties at will

Total bliss would result! User productivity would increase by 79% when working with weldments and sheet-metal parts.


What other suggestions do you have for improving the Property Tab functionality?