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Linking weldment body dimensions to properties

Question asked by Conrad Cormier on Jan 6, 2020

Trying to get some start parts going to save some time. I am using weldment to make single parts (angle, HSS...) to be used individually later on. So far everything is fine. Now the issue is trying to get some dimensions on the properties to be used in a BOM on a drawing. I made it work, until I change the beam size then it won't follow. 


So I started with a random size, took the info from the sketch, adjusted the properties accordingly and it worked fine, it populated the width, height and thickness. 

 If I close the properties and re-open, the original text of "Sketch17" changed to "Tube (square) TS2X2X0.1875(2)" but the numbers are still correct, so it's no big deal. The problem is as soon as I change the beam size, the properties won't update so it looses the sizing. Even if I could get the "Sketch17" to not change to "Tube..." when I change the beam size, the sketch number bumps up by 1 (Sketch18). Anyway to make this work? I have client that is using configs, but I would rather not have to make 50 different configs for each beam style.