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Manual revisions/No revision scheme?

Question asked by Debbie Wescott on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Jason Capriotti

We receive drawings, models, and specifications from our customers that will never enter our own revision scheme. Neither will they necessarily increment in order. Since there are multiple customers using multiple revision schemes of their own (some are alpha, some are numeric, some are a combination, some are dates) we need a way to exit our revision scheme and manually enter a revision.  


To complicate things, the customer files are located in the same folder structure as our files which are in our own existing revision scheme:

 --All Customer Folders

      --Customer Name

         --Customer Part Number

            --Customer drawings and models (here is where we need to exit revision scheme)

            --In process Drawings and models

            --Part Programs

            -- etc

         --Customer Part Number



Is this possible?  Have you done this? How did you handle it?


We are currently using EPM 2018


Thank you!