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PDM : Addin : How to get all BOMs for selected assembly file ?

Question asked by Dipak Shah on Jan 6, 2020

Hello Everyone,


I developed one add-in in C#. i am able to get products information successfully for selected file of PDM Vault.


Now Can anyone please assist me in how to get all BOMs for the selected file in perfect way ? or how to get all Configurations of selected file.


1st :-


For ex. in following figure A ->  Firstly need these 4 configuration which is highlighted. (@, JPR-01 , 02,03 etc)


Figure A :- BOM with different configuration. (eg. @, JPR-XX-01,02,03) etc.





2nd :

 - I need these 2 BOMs.

Figure B :-  BOMs for selected file (e.g selected file is JPR-XX......SLDASM) file.


I tried file's GetConfigurations method also .but getting all configurations of file : BOM and also Data card information, i am not able to differentiate it.


Please help, i search everything from API tutorial of solidwork etc. but not helped.


Amen Allah Jlili Artem Taturevych @Jim Sculley Jesse Seger