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How to Retain 3D Texture in a STEP?

Question asked by John Weiss on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by David Lane

My colleague says:

"The new 3D Texture tool isn't the miracle feature that it first appears. This process creates a "graphic body" that can be exported in a form (STL) that is suitable for 3D printing. However, it will NOT export as a true solid format (STEP) that would be required for creating an injection molded tool.


On screen you see a 3D texture, and it will in fact will export as an STL file (suitable for 3D printing).



However, STL files are just a triangular mess and not true solid. You can see the crude mesh when zoomed in.



A STEP file (true solid model) saved from the same parent model in SolidWorks and the texture is now lost. 



To create a model suitable for injection molding will require manually modeling these features."

Is my colleague correct, that creating a model suitable for injection molding will require manually modeling the texture?


Or can we easily convert the 3D texture to a true solid model?