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How can I ensure accurate results for thermal studies?

Question asked by Trenton Brewer on Jan 6, 2020

I understand setting the proper initial conditions is a very important step in this endeavor but I am uncertain if there is some subtleties I am missing. For one study I have been running, the plots outputted for FluxY and FluxZ have some spikes in the graphs when I probe on selected entities. These spikes do not entirely make sense and seem somewhat random for a portion of the model I am concerned about. I have thought mesh refinement may help solve this but from my understanding, it seems h-adaptive and p-adaptive methods are only available for static studies. Is there an adaptive meshing method available for thermal simulations I have missed? Also, does the flux calculated by Solidworks represent both conductive and radiative flux (where they intuitively apply with radiation loads in assembly)?


Note: This is purely a thermal simulation. I have not tried performing a thermal analysis in the flow simulation (which I think is an option in that tool).