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Design table weldment error Library feature is empty

Question asked by Hasanain Shuja on Jan 3, 2020
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I found this link to make a weldment, but I didn't do it this way.

How to create Weldment Profile | Boxer's CAD CAM Blog 


I just opened a .sldlfp template and created it from scratch.

I can't find the L symbol in my sketch for the weldment profile.


I tried to import it into an assembly file and get this error:

Library feature is empty


I've attached the .sldlfp files for reference.

I basically made a copper pipe profile for multiple sizes based on ASTM B88 standard

in a design table and wanted to use it as a weldment and people can change the size on the fly based on their requirement's being changed within a design.


Can someone please explain why I'm getting the "library feature is empty error"?