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Assembly Question, external references?

Question asked by Jason Olson on Jan 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2020 by John Lhuillier

A question regarding assemblies.


I began an assembly using a customer supplied model, we'll call it Customer Part rev A.

I used Customer Part rev A as the base for my new part designs and built everything in an assembly. Along comes Customer Part rev B. There is only a minor change so I 'copy as' each of the parts I designed in the original assembly and build a second new assembly with Customer Part rev B.

Now I am looking to make adjustments to parts in the new assembly but the parts are referencing the original assembly and Customer Part rev A.


I get the attached error message, "This part has features defined in the context of another assembly. You can edit the part, but cannot create any external references to the components of the current assembly."


Is there a way to allow for external references in a new assembly?


Thank you,


Jason K Olson~