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Just in time for 3DEXPERIENCE World - New EKGAR Shirts!

Discussion created by Todd Blacksher on Jan 3, 2020
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Hey Everyone,


We are about 5 weeks away from 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020, and now is the time to get the most amazing t-shirt for the conference!



That's right, we've created a new shirt to support ekgar (Every Kid Gets A Robot), and they can be at your door in time to wear to Nashville!


I collaborated with Kameron Smith and Danielle Boyer on the design, and Kam has once again set up everything for the shirt sales.


The letters each represent a different aspect of steam

“E” – Summation Symbol (Math)

“K” – Diode Symbol (Technology)

“G” – Microscope (Science)

“A” – Easel (Art)

“R” – Cotter Pin (Engineering)


Quick reminder - All proceeds from the shirts are going to Danielle Boyer / ekgar (Every Kid Gets A Robot), AND she will be presenting at 3dxw20


Show your support by wearing your ekgar shirt at the conference on Wednesday.


Order your shirt here:  Every Kid Gets A Robot | Bonfire 

(You can make an additional donation to ekgar when you order your shirt!)