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Assembly specific properties on parts

Question asked by Brady Balzan on Jan 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by Brady Balzan

I am looking for ideas.

I design pressure vessels and in my assembly I will use multiple instances of the exact same part

i.e. a 2" Flange

I am using a SW BOM to create a linked schedule of connections list for the entire vessel.

So I have a 2" Flange Inlet and a 2" Flange Outlet.

I want these to show up separate in my Schedule of Openings list and be able to show the unique services for them



I am already using the Component reference option as tagging for the connection (A and B).

Does anybody have any ideas on how to show an assembly based property for each instance?

I have explored editing the part name in the assembly component properties but, I can't find where to link that to the BOM.