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SW2020: "Create sketch on new part" option not working?

Question asked by Jeff Keyzer on Jan 2, 2020

Solidworks 2020:


The "Create sketch on new part" option (in the Sketch section of the options) doesn't seem to work as it did in previous versions (2019).


If I uncheck the option and create a new part, Solidworks asks me to select a face on which to position the new part.  In previous versions of Solidworks (2019), pressing escape would still result in a new part being created.  However, in SW2020, pressing escape cancels the operation and the new part is not created.  


If I do select a plane,  as requested, the new part is created and an empty sketch is created on that plane.  This happens regardless of the state of the "Create sketch on new part" option.


It seems that SW2020 is ignoring the option and creating an empty sketch regardless. 


Has anyone else run into this?