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    mark vasquez
      I added a bunch of textures to my model and now I can not remove them . I am running swx2008 is this a glitch or is it just my own ignorance?

          Brian Long
          If I am thinking right, I am on 2009 sp 03.0, but you should be able to RMC on the part name in the feature tree, you should see a circle that looks like a beach ball, click the arrow next to it and LMC on the part name in the new box that came up. Now you should be in Appearances on the Color/Image tab, right under the tabs you will see a blue box and below that should be a button that says " REMOVE APPEARANCES", that should do it.
            Steve Ostrovsky
            Also, if you click on a face, then on the multi-colored ball for Appearances, it will show you Face, Feature, Body, Part texture assignments. Remember that those are the order the appearance will display. Face over Feature over Body over Part.