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What's your favorite tool in SOLIDWORKS Drawings?

Question asked by Matthew Lorono Employee on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2020 by Kevin Chandler

Happy New Year!  May we all have vision in 2020!  Get it?  2020 vision!  ...because good vision is 20/20. Oh, nevermind.


I figured a great topic to start the New Year is asking you, our many users, what's your favorite tool in SOLIDWORKS Drawings?  This doesn't have to be the tool you use all the time.  It can be that, or perhaps it's that one tool that you look forward to using when you do get a chance, or an excuse.  Also, why do you love using that tool?  For example, I love using Revision Clouds tool.  Not only can I use it to identify areas of revision on the drawing, I can actually make cool fluffy clouds with its freehand option.



Also, this doesn't have to be limited to "tools".  Any commands, functions, workflows or even nuances are possible.