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Importing model dimensions to a non-standard drawing view

Question asked by Tyler Nichol on Jan 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2020 by Tyler Nichol

Hello! I'm having difficulty importing model dimensions into my drawing when the drawing view is not a standard view. Please see the attached movie clip for a demo of the issue I'm having.


(edit: Who wants to download a 23mb movie file? Nobody. Here is a youtube link: SolidWorks Quirk: Unable to Import Model Dims to Non-Standard Drawing View - YouTube )


I use layout sketches to model my parts (I call them layout sketches, but they are not the SolidWorks Assembly Layouts used for top-down modeling). All model dimensions are defined in just a few layout sketches, which stay unabsorbed at the top of the feature tree, then all 3D features are made from sketches which reference the layouts. I then import the model dimensions from the layout sketches to the drawing. When my layout sketch is normal to a primary plane, e.g. Front or Right plane, then that layout sketch appears by default in the corresponding standard drawing view. I can then run Import Model Items and select the layout sketch and all my dimensions from that layout show up just fine. However, if I create a non-standard drawing view, like a section view, the layout sketch does not appear even though the drawing view is normal to the plane on which the layout sketch was drawn. I can right-click the layout sketch from the drawing feature tree and select Show to make it appear, but still I cannot use it to import the model dimensions from the layout because reasons I guess? I can get around the issue by choosing to import from the entire model into the non-standard drawing view but that presents its own suite of issues.


In the video, I show how I import dimensions from the Front view layout sketch. I then create a section view which is parallel to the standard Right view and try to import dimensions to that view and get the "No dimensions are inserted" message. I then create the standard view and import dimensions from the Right view layout sketch to show how I wanted them to show up in the section view. I very much want a way to import the dimensions from the Right view layout sketch to the drawing section view in the same manner as I did to the standard view.


Anyone have ideas as to how I can achieve this?


Some related things I've noticed:

   In the standard drawing views, the layout sketches parallel to the drawing view show up as "shown" in the feature tree, whereas non-standard drawing views do not

   In the non-standard drawing views, layout sketches parallel to the drawing view show up as "hidden" in the feature tree, even after right-clicking and selecting "Show"


I'm so close to having a cogent, comprehensive modeling strategy that is also teachable but bugaboos like this are still holding me up