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Trying to set "Object boundaries" inside of a cylinder? Object Alarm...???

Question asked by William Tyler Rohr on Jan 1, 2020

Hello there, extremely new to Solidworks, my first post on this forum. Hoping this is in the right place.


Am trying to create an electronics "sled" for a model rocket I am working on. I have a handful of objects that will attach to this sled that need to fit within a cylinder of a particular size....


Is there a way to set "object boundaries" in Solidworks? Say, I have an object that is X length by X width by X height, and if it passes outside of a plane- in this case a cylinder- I will get an error stating the object has run into the plane?


Trying to make sure I don't spend a million hours on a file only to find out that my 3D printed part does not fit within the space i'm dealing with.


Hope this makes sense!


Thank you!