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SolidWorks Electrical PDM connector

Question asked by Miles Fischer on Dec 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by General Manager

So I understand that the electrical PDM connector is a new tool and still has several kinks to work out. I have been struggling to get everything functioning as we would expect. I have had some success and some fails, I have been able to get SWE properties to map to PDM variables and PDM variables to map back to Solidworks electrical projects. But some issues I still have not been able to over come.


Issue 1: getting PDFs and DWG files to update upon approval of a project. I would assume it would be possible to set up a PDM Task to accomplish this, I have tried writing a script for this and attempted using the (PDM add in) dispatch, but when the task attempts to open the file, SWE tries to unarchive the environment and launch the project manager, basically causing the task to fail before the project even opens. The only work around I have found, is to manually open a project from solidworks electrical and check out an "approved" project with admin rights and then check the project back in. this allows me to get the approved stamp and approved date along with the current revision onto my PDF files and DWG file, (it allows electrical to generate these files with the DATA it has captured from PDM) so my question is has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone had success with an automated work around? Is there a plan to correct this in an upcoming service pack?


Issue 2: (WiFi) so this is  similar to the issue above, it all has to do with transferring/syncing up data between SolidWorks Electrical and PDM. As I mentioned above I have successfully gotten data to sync up, but only when I am hard wired to our net work, if using a WiFI connection or working remotely with a VPN (step 8 of 11) "Exporting data from SWE" with fail nearly every time. Do other users have issues with Electrical when using WiFi? Does anyone have advice?


On a side note, if anyone has any questions or would like advice or examples of what I have gotten to work successfully with the Electrica PDM connector tool, feel free to ask, I would be more than happy to help. pdmprofessional print pdf solidworks electrical schematics pdm vault solidworks electrical issue pdm admin dispatch add-in solidworks tools