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Slow Calculation and Rendering Motion Analysis

Discussion created by Rony Rony on Dec 27, 2019
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Hey, I just bought a new Acer Helios Predator 300, intel core i7 - 9750H CPU 2.60/4.3Ghz, RAM 16Gb, NVDIA GeForce RTX2060. 


I am currently having a quite large assembly with 1510 components (approx 400 chains linked by Hinge mate, 6 sprockets, 6 beams, 6 conveyor bodies, and 15 boxes). I did find some little lags during the assembly process but nothing major. But, I have been trying to make the motion study. What i got is; to calculate and render a 5 second motion analysis, it takes approx. 10 hours. Which is crazy i believe. 

is there any way I could reduced this calc and rendering time? 

Motion analysis properties:

1. Frame per second: 25

2. Precision 0.001

3. Medium to High contact precision

4. 6 driving motor (3 sprocket and 3 roller)

5. 9 solid body contacts between quite large groups of objects.

6. Gravity as usualThe